in-tend HUB

Available to new and existing users of the In-tend e-procurement platform, the newly created In-tend HUB allows users to access and use a range of shared procurement resources from across the In-tend user community.

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Designed for procurement teams who are challenged to ensure best practice whilst meeting ever tighter budgetary constraints, the sharing and use of HUB based resources, improves performance and reduces risk.

Each organisation retains their own distinct tenant, thereby enabling the flexibility to ensure the platform meets their needs, through set ups, available licences and any third party integrations

The In-tend HUB shares resources such as Framework Agreements, DPS, Approved Supplier Lists, Document sets and contracts, can be used to streamline procurement activities.

It can be used simplify the creation, management, recording and monitoring of each procurement and contract exercise, therefore saving significant time, reducing paperwork and minimising associated risk.

Module features

  • Developed with users, the system uses a series of workflow wizards defined by the type of care required to automatically select provider(s) from a pre-selected approved list, potentially saving hours of brokerage officer time per case.
  • The ability to share your information with users from other In-tend Organisations for joint procurements.
  • Rights and permissions driven access allows the use of the system by a wide range of staff, without fear of confidential data being exposed to unathorised personel.
  • Full audit trails of user activity are embedded into the system, making traceability issues a thing of the past.
  • Links to other systems such as an ERP platform enable cost and contract management of providers remains independant to each organisation.
  • Built in reporting tool can be utilised to extract and manage key data sets, alternatively, the platform can be linked via API to data analysis tools such as PowerBI or Tableu.

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