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Welcome to In-tend

In-tend are leading providers of e-Procurement solutions to both the public and private sector. Our impressive product portfolio encompasses:

As a University of Sheffield subsidiary company and managed by University Procurement professionals since 2006, In-tend has an unrivalled pedigree in understanding the marketplace from both the buyers' and suppliers' perspective.

With over 300 organisations accessing and utilising In-tend's e-Procurement software portfolio and 5,000 registered users managing in excess of £10 billion in contracts, In-tend have a product for you.

In-tend - delivering procurement solutions to those who demand the best.

All In-tend's products and services have been designed and aimed at delivering a value for money approach to public sector procurement, whilst at the same time enabling private sector companies.

Whether you are in the public or private sector, in the UK or overseas, please contact us for further information on any of our goods and services. We welcome your enquiry.